Thursday, April 29, 2010


Three of the most important questions one can ask. The trinity of knowledge. I know, I know, you're saying what about who? and where? and when? Well, these too are important but they pertain to time, space, and the being. Why, what, and how pertain mainly to motivation, substance and accomplishment. These questions really make who, where and when have purpose.

So you say "what is the point"? Actually, WHAT is A point! What is a circumstance, a scenario, an idea, a theology, a statement, an agreement, really anything that sparks thought. What is substance!

Why is the motivation behind all thoughts or ideas, or situations and the like. Why gives meaning to what. Without why, what has no point. Just watch the news, it's full of whats. We never get the motivation behind all the whats from the news or if we do it is rare. Why tries to answer the motivation of what therefore giving what a reason to exist. In essence, what gives birth to why.

How is they way in which what is accomplished or propelled. How gives life and motion to what. How is a moving picture as what is a still frame. How also creates in us a why. "Why did you do it that way"? What and How are sort of like Why's parents whereas Why gives purpose and meaning to What and How. Why will take care of How and What when they are old and in a nursing home :)

So, what is the point? Exactly my point!

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